Good Morning G2V Star

Today I released my new piece “Good Morning G2V Star”.¬† The name of the piece refers to our Sun, but in a more scientific way. It describes a relationship between a human being, and this astrological object (a star) that is realized in a scientific way, and it so close to us, it is contained in us. Maybe is also a break with old superstitions and visions about the Sun.



Traveling the Desert

I am happy to announce my new piece “Traveling the Desert”. I was inspired by the desert, and tried to imagine a kind of a travel, probably not in our days, but from old times. I have tried to dramatize a little. Also used now more instruments from orchestra, like violin, horn, and trumpet, and tried to add some elements from orchestra at the end of the piece. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


“Traveling the Desert” is released under the license CC-BY 4.0.



Everything is Changing

I have released my new piece “Everything is Changing”. In one day I realized that people that existed all my life, and I took their existence for granted, they actually change, they get older, and in one day will not exist.¬† And you realize hat everything is changing, quite fast, you are not living in a static world, and maybe it is time to spend more time with those you love, and live with them the moments of today.

For the first time I have written the piece in the key of D major, I liked its mood. I hope you’ll like too.

The piece is licensed under the CC BY 4.0, and you can download from my site.