Notebook: Thoughts about harmony

Now I am working on a new piece that involves more orchestration. I use there piano, violas, violins, trubas. I’d say it is a kind of post classical style. In comparison to the previous piece here understood and succeeded how apply better ostinato and how it can be used, and how can be passed (switching) to various instruments, especially for violins, creating interesting effects, but in the frame of harmony.  Here also developed a harmony progression guiding myself by functional harmony to create a phrase with a half cadence, and an authentic cadence. First time voiced the chords in the open position, but I had to struggle too much with fixing parallel fifths and octaves, and than left them in closed position, maybe later I’ll modify them.

I thought about the form. Understood that I can create a kind of theme and its variation, but is not very strict, rather there is used melodic ideas from the first two phrases, and just passing them to different instruments, often playing them in staccato and maybe I’ll do other tricks.

What I started to think is that probably just a repeated chord progression is not the right way, probably I need to develop more varied harmonic progression using functional harmony, and develop the ideas, phrases and cadences to create form I want to create with the desired emotional impact. I am trying to study about this, and also the harmony progressions (functional harmony) in Bach Prelude 1 in C Major BWV 846 from the Well-Tempered Clavier  and Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G minor.

Studying Bach’s piece it forces me to understand and focus more on 7th cords, and the dominant sevenths, until now I avoided these chords, but now I started to think more about them. Motzart’s  Symphony No. 40 teaches me how I can use a chord across the instruments, and how I can voice them in  different ways, I even started to use some of these kinds of construction in my current piece. But there are lot of things I don’t understand, and need to learn how to apply.

Started to use more MuseScore first to write the notes and compose, and than put them into Ardour DAW. Now I think this is important to develop the skill to write music ideas on the “paper” first… but this is relative, anyway this craft for now I am considering the most important for me – to manipulate ideas in my head, to think in terms of the form.

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