Update on virtual orchestra

I have contacted Versilian Studios that releases the VSCO orchestra samples as a community edition under public domain to ask if this library can be used to develop a virtual orchestra plugin. I wasn’t sure from their site if this applies also for the case if, for example,¬† the executable of the plugin is sold.¬† Versilian Studios responded that I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Many thanks for their work to provide a free sample library, and I hope they will update it in the future.

My plan is to develop the plugin, and the goal is to be easy to use and have the necessary features. Also I want it to be visual, in the sense that every instrument to have a picture and user interactions to involve these visual aspects. This will work better from the¬†physiological and learning point of view. I’ll start purely with the user interface, because user experience is the most important here. First I’ll design in SVG the images/icons for all orchestra instruments, and for the hole orchestra. This also will give me the opportunity to learn more about orchestra instruments.

The start of the development will be after the release the current plugin I am working, a kick synthesizer. Until than maybe also new ideas about he orchestra will come.