Thinking about a new synth

Aster playing with Geonkick with which I could synthesize interesting bells and very realistic trumpet and truba, I started to think about a more general synthesizer. Geonkick acts mainly as a substractive synthesizer, and some FM synthesis was added. If I’ll make a little more sophisticated the oscillators, move the synthesis into audio thread, add polyphony, and make it key/pitch sensitive, than it will act as a ordinary additive, substractive synthesizer and FM synthesizer, but having the power of more control over the envelops. Also there is a need to add unison effect, LFOs, and some basic FX. But first I am thinking how to make it to be simple, but productive for sound design… to make a useful tool. I have other ideas, but that is a secret… for now. 🙂
Maybe after I’ll release the version of Geonkick 1.9, I’ll start this synth… someone on YouTube suggested me to call it GeonSynth…. hm, I like it. 🙂