My name is Iurie Nistor, 39 years old, currently living in Cambridge UK. I am a software engineer, and in my free time I like composing and learning myself music. I started this enjoyment in 2016.

Geon is a unit of a very large time span, thus, all my tracks are published under the invented name Geontime.

My main influences are movie soundtracks, orchestral with electronic sounds, ambient, downtempo and chillout. I like the sounds of many orchestral instruments starting from viola and ending with oboe and triangle. Never had a favorite composer, but discovered Max Richter’s music and his style, and I think he is my favorite.

I am composing using only free software on GNU/Linux and also developed a free software synthesizer for percussion called Geonkick.

I have no talents. I don’t possess any of these mythological powers.

All works can be downloaded from this site in Ogg or lossless FLAC format, and are released under the free cultural work license CC BY 4.0. This means that you have the freedom to copy, share, remix, make derivative works, use for commercial purposes. If you like my music and want to use it in some way I encourage you to visit the “how to use my music” page.