Changing my Workflow: Ardour MIDI Editing

Until now my workflow was LMMS->Ardour. Than I updated Debian and LMMS (repo version) started to crash. I thought It was due to some plugins, but not. I have compiled the new version of LMMS, but it doesn’t compile the ZynAddSubFx plugin. Anyway I had plans to move completely to Ardour.

Now I succeeded to compile Yoshimi as a LV2 plugin, so, I have started to work on a new idea purely in Ardour.

Here are my main thoughts about Ardour MIDI editing:

  • Sometimes the first note of a region is not played.
  • Transition, for example, from one chord to another often the previous chord is still played and clashes with the current cord (it may be from the synthesizer, but I don know).
  • Note dynamics (velocity) is visible only by color nuances. That is not so practical. Not event saying that there are a lot of people with dichromacy.
  • I think piano roll is the right thing, and there are other issues regarding  MIDI, but I’ll see if my experience will change after some pieces created.

Feel The Rain my new chillout piece

Feel The Rain is my new chillout piece based on some older ideas. The voice belongs to Natalia Surdu-Palanciuc.  I hope that you’ll be translated in the little world we created in this piece.

The piece was made with free software:

  •  LMMS a sequencer
  •  Ardour for mixing, but also as midi sequencer adding some new melodies
  • Debian GNU/linux – the operating system
  • Free software DSP plugins available on GNU/Linux


Credits & License

  • Feel The Rain, by Geontime, licensed under CC-BY 4.0.
  • Voice by Natalia Surdu-Palanciuc
  • Cover image Rain, by jerryw387,  under license CC-BY 2.0.



Evening Solitude

Evening Solitude is my new piece which is a part of my series of social pieces that depicts a fictional character. The piece describes the internal struggles of this character and his story. It describes the relationship between this character and the system we live today. I think you’ll recognize it.



The track “Evening Solitude” and the cover image is released under the license CC-BY 4.0.

Once Upon A Spring

“Once Upon A Spring” is my new piece, where I depicted a story that happened many years ago… I was nostalgic. It is not chillout, it is similar to my piece “A Summer Day”.


The track “One Upon A Spring” is released under the license CC-BY 4.0.


Original cover image “Blossom”, by Vladimir Kud, license CC-BY 2.0


Here is my new piece Tomorrow. It is written in B flat major , and it refers to our future taking into account the global warming and the environment.



The track “Tomorrow” and the cover image is released under the license CC-BY 4.0.


Cover image, by Christopher Michel , “Journey to the North Pole”, license CC-BY 2.0.