Traveling the Desert

I am happy to announce my new piece “Traveling the Desert”. I was inspired by the desert, and tried to imagine a kind of a travel, probably not in our days, but from old times. I have tried to dramatize a little. Also used now more instruments from orchestra, like violin, horn, and trumpet, and tried to add some elements from orchestra at the end of the piece. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


“Traveling the Desert” is released under the license CC-BY 4.0.



Everything is Changing

I have released my new piece “Everything is Changing”. In one day I realized that people that existed all my life, and I took their existence for granted, they actually change, they get older, and in one day will not exist.  And you realize hat everything is changing, quite fast, you are not living in a static world, and maybe it is time to spend more time with those you love, and live with them the moments of today.

For the first time I have written the piece in the key of D major, I liked its mood. I hope you’ll like too.

The piece is licensed under the CC BY 4.0, and you can download from my site.

My new social piece The Dream

coverI’ve finished my new piece “The Dream” which is a little different from the themes of my chillout pieces, is has similarities to the second and the third part of “Another Day”. It is social. In “The Dream” I wanted to depict a dream of a sleeping worker…

For the first time I also tried something new, composed a fragment that reminds of orchestra music. This type of music also will be found in the next of the piece I am working now. I don’t know, but I find this combination interesting, experimenting.

Released my new chillout piece “I Know”

iknowThe last week I released my new chillout piece “I Know”. The inspiration came from a person I know, and who wanted to change its own life by taking an unknown and risky path. I don’t know if I will see this person again… I hope she is ok now.

I worked about 3-4 weeks on this piece, and in the first and the second part I tried to add a kind of sensuality and sadness. In the last part I tried to add a piece of optimism with a little fear before goodbye.

You can download this piece from my site in OGG format (256 kbit/s). Other formats, including formats like WAVE and FLAC can be downloaded from  Bandcamp.

I hope you’ll enjoy my music. 🙂

Another Day

coverI have selected five of my pieces of chillout electronic music that were mostly listened and created a mini-album called “Another Day”. The album can be downloaded in OGG format from here, and in other formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV etc. can be download from Bandcamp. I hope you’ll like it.
All music composed by me is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license, including this album. Now I am working on a new chillout piece, and soon I think it will be released.

A New World

Cover image:

Today I released my new piece A New World. This is the continuation of my several pieces depicting the travel of human beings to another planet (Gliese 581 c) looking for a new world. In this piece I have imagined the moment when landing on Gliese, human beings found a new place to start a new world where they all will be free.

Travelling to the Gliese

PP-xx templateTravelling to the Gliese is my new piece, and this time is really chillout. 🙂

Gliese 581 is a star about 20 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Libra. There also is supposed to be an exoplanet called Gliese 581 g orbiting  the star, and which is believed that can host life similar to that on Earth. With hour technology the travel to that planet would take not less than 300000 years…