My workflow now started to be stable

Almost finishing my piece completely in Ardour (with MIDI editing). After some fixes I’ve done in the Yoshimi and Calf plugins, and also in the Lilv library,  Ardour started be stable on my case, and the new work-flow to give results… I can concentrate now on music. When the piece will be released, there also will follow a blog post about my thoughts on music creation with free software, and GNU/Linux.

Everything is Changing

I have released my new piece “Everything is Changing”. In one day I realized that people that existed all my life, and I took their existence for granted, they actually change, they get older, and in one day will not exist.  And you realize hat everything is changing, quite fast, you are not living in a static world, and maybe it is time to spend more time with those you love, and live with them the moments of today.

For the first time I have written the piece in the key of D major, I liked its mood. I hope you’ll like too.

The piece is licensed under the CC BY 4.0, and you can download from my site.

My new social piece The Dream

coverI’ve finished my new piece “The Dream” which is a little different from the themes of my chillout pieces, is has similarities to the second and the third part of “Another Day”. It is social. In “The Dream” I wanted to depict a dream of a sleeping worker…

For the first time I also tried something new, composed a fragment that reminds of orchestra music. This type of music also will be found in the next of the piece I am working now. I don’t know, but I find this combination interesting, experimenting.