Time is my new piece that I have started to compose at the beginning of this summer. I was inspired when crossing a wheat field, so the cover image is that wheat field from Melbourne, Cambridgeshire, England. The piece also contains voices by Vlatko Blazek and another one “Time” published Continue Reading

Evening Solitude

Evening Solitude is my new piece which is a part of my series of social pieces that depicts a fictional character. The piece describes the internal struggles of this character and his story. It describes the relationship between this character and the system we live today. I think you’ll recognize Continue Reading

Good Morning G2V Star

Today I released my new piece “Good Morning G2V Star”.  The name of the piece refers to our Sun, but in a more scientific way. It describes a relationship between a human being, and this astrological object (a star) that is realized in a scientific way, and it so close Continue Reading