How to use my music

All music composed by Geontime is under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY 4.0). This means that you have all the freedoms provided by this license. You have freedom to copy, share, remix, make derivative works, use for commercial purposes. For a more clear explanation about freedoms and what you can do with works under this license, please, visit Freedom Defined site. The tracks can be downloaded for free from my site in Ogg and lossless FLAC format.

The license CC-BY also require to give proper attribution to the author. This means that you somehow need to provide the info about the author, name, or link to the author home page or in other ways to mention the origin or the work. This point regarding Geontime music is that I will be happy if you will mention me but this is not really necessary. This is not necessary especially in the moments when there is a need to keep the aesthetics of the work or its presentation they way it is but the info about the work to be provided by other means.

Where can you use my music beyond just listening?

If you like what I’ve done, you can use my music in various ways for free, the limit is only imagination. For example, use it as a soundtrack for your movie. In this case it will make me the most happy because I always associate the music I am composing with a particular picture, state, story, most of them fictional inspired from the reality. For me the movie plus music is a chemistry I admire the most.