Here is a list of free software and resources that I am using, and want to thank the authors for their work that gives me the possibility to compose music.

  • Ardour – All music is composed with this DAW.
  • LMMS – I used it as a sequencer. Now no more using it.
  • Calf Plugins – various LV2 plugins. Using them for mixing.
  • Guitarix Plugins – various LV2 plugins. Using for mixing.
  • Yoshimi – software synthesizer and an LV2 plugin. Currently using it instead of ZynAddSubFX
  • JACK Audio Connection Kit – a server daemon that provides real-time, low-latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API.
  • QJackCtl – an application to control the JACK sound server daemon.
  • Audacity – audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
  • DrumGizmo – drum samples and multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum plugin
  • AVL Drumkits – a plugin and its samples for percussion.
  • VSCO – an orchestra samples in SFZ format
  • samplv1 – an old-school polyphonic sampler, LV2 plugin
  • Debian – a distribution of the operating system GNU/Linux.
  •  “Old Clock”, by Brett Jordan, license CC-BY 2.0. I use it as a header image.


  • Here is a list of kick samples synthesized by me with GeonKick software I have developed.